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About The MadWoman

My name is Madison, or as my family likes to call me, The MadWoman. I coined the name while I was fresh from the womb, and as you can imagine, it was from my mild-manneredness...

My mom snapped a photo of me, which she seemed to coin the essense of who I was, which is now my logo.

I have long been a creative, My world was lived through books and movies. Characters became my friends. I made up stories and played make believe.

As I aged I denied my calling, and even hushed my curiosity. Sad, I know. During those lost years time; I became a Realtor, a children's ministry leader, and worst of all, a saleswoman. I even took my LSATS and enrolled in Law School. I ran from the uncertaiity of artistry.

As I exhausted my options, myself, and broke off an engagement, I decided this new life I was creating, would be a life I loved. A life full of curisity and creativity. .

Despite my fears I sat my ass in a chair, grabbed a latte, and wrote. Words began to flow. It was as if I was a tea pot finally singing after simmering for so many years.

The peace that comes from stepping into your purpose infused and energized me. Now, some days i'm pulling out my hair and banging my head on a table, but I regret nothing. Despite those irrational urges I am nevertheless where I am supposed to be.

And becuase of my decision to create a life I love, I have finally finished a memoir, called Stained. Now after many years of saying, I want to be a writer, I can now say with confidence I am a writer.


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